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Power Knowledge Of Motorcycles

The horsepower was originally made by the French and Germans, but because they measured the horsepower of the horse, is smaller than the average horse's size of a pony, so with 50 horsepower of the engine, it can not imagine that 50 horsepower driving motorcycles, should imagine that 35 horses more appropriate. and using (PS) to represent the horsepower unit is the first symbol used by the Germans, and has been used until now.

What is 1 horsepower? 1 horsepower is the force of 1 m (m) to pull the weight of 75 kg (kg) objects in 1 seconds. It is called 1 horsepower, which is seen in daily specifications such as: 70ps/8000 rpm, which indicates that the engine produces 70 horsepower at 8000 rpm per minute.

RPM is the English abbreviation of the engine RPM.

What is torque? Torque, also called torque, is the torque that rotates the shaft. The common unit of torsion in XXX is kg-m (international unit is NM).

For a better understanding of the concept of torsion, here are a few examples. For example: Tighten the screws with a screwdriver or a wrench, and if the length of the screwdriver or wrench is 1m, the torque on the screwdriver or wrench is coupled with the 1kg force, and the screws are tightened to 1kg-m. If the length of the screwdriver or wrench is 0.5m, the force of 2kg must be applied in order to obtain 1kg-m torque. Conversely, if the driving torque is the same, the farther away from the center of the rotation, the less force is produced.

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