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Motorcycles In The History Of Italy

Italy's heavy industry, light industry, tourism are very well-developed, of course, motorcycle is also very developed. However, because of our people's education and taste has been in a very low state, so many European American brands are not recognized by the Chinese. In addition, Italy is mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, for the small factories to determine the brand of the Chinese people, it is certainly very little.

The 1946 film "Roman Holiday" swept the world, in which romantic love stories infect everyone, spread to date. And Hepburn driving the pedal car is from Italy Piaggio Vespa, also known as the Chevalier or Wasp, the car is not like Japan's motorcycle pedal using plastic shell, but the whole steel plate suppressed frame, so durability is very high. 40 's, 50 's Vespa can be seen. There are already 50 million sales in the world. India has 3 million vehicles, 1 million in Vietnam, and less than 10 in China. At present, Piaggio and domestic zongshen cooperation.

Now Piaggio has acquired most of Europe's motorcycle manufacturers, namely, Apulia, Spain Derby, Guireira, Guzi and many other brands. The symbol of the French motorcycle most parts are almost Piaggio.

Yongkang City Zhengding Leisure Products Factory
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