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How The Motorcycle Works

Working principle of two-stroke engine think Italy two-stroke engine is the piston movement up and down two strokes, spark plugs ignition once. The inlet process of the second-flush engine is completely different from that of the four-stroke engine, which is compressed by two times. On the second-flush engine, the mixing gas first flows into the crankcase and then into the cylinder exactly what should be the flow into the combustion chamber, and the four-punch engine mixture is directly into the cylinder, the four-punch engine crankcase is used to store the oil, Two-stroke engine because the crankcase is used to store the mixed gas cannot store the oil, the engine oil used for the second-flush motor is not the fuel that can be recycled.

The working process of the second-flush engine is as follows:

1. Piston upward movement mixed airflow into the crankcase.

2. The piston downward mixes the pressure into the combustion chamber and completes the first compression.

3. The piston upstream of the mixture to the cylinder closes the inlet and outlet, and when the piston compresses the gas to the minimum volume (this is the second compression) spark plug ignition.

4. Burning pressure pushes the piston downward, when the piston is down to a certain position, the vent is opened first, the exhaust gas is dispatched and then the Air inlet is opened, and the new mixture enters the cylinder to squeeze the remaining exhaust gas.

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