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Exhaust Emissions From Motorcycles

How do you calculate the amount of exhaust?

Cylinder diameter-the diameter of the cylinder is referred to as the cylinder diameter.

Stroke-the piston makes reciprocating movement in the cylinder, when the piston from the top stop point (TDC), run to the next stop (BDC), the distance travelled is called piston stroke, short stroke or stroke.

The 03-year Honda CBR600RR as an example, the engine form: water-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder 16-valve DOHC engine for example:

Cylinder diameter (0mm) and stroke (the. 5mm)

Calculation method of Exhaust Volume:

Number of cylinders broken area X-stroke x-cylinder = Exhaust total cc

Stroke--42.5mm = 4.25cm

Cylinder diameter--67.0mm = 6.7cm

-. 3. x 3.1416 = 35.25

The area of fault. x Stroke 4. The number of x cylinders 4 = Total exhaust capacity 599cc

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