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Development Of Motorcycles

In the 1884, the Englishman a power plant on a bicycle and made a tricycle, powered by kerosene. In 1885, Germany's "Father of Automobiles", Terry Daimler, was made into a single cylinder of wind-driven gasoline engines. He obtained the invention patent on August 29 of the same year. As a result, Daimler is recognized by the world as the inventor of motorcycles. Daimler's first motorcycle is powered by four, the cylinder working cellar is 264 cubic centimeters, at 700 rpm per minute, the power can reach 0.5 horsepower, the speed of up to 12-kilometer. The vehicle is a wooden structure, the rear wheel is a belt drive, and the auxiliary support wheels are provided on both sides. In view of this irreplaceable historical position of Daimler, the German Engineers Association Judenburg Branch established his monument at the Plaza de Armas after his death because he was driving his first motorcycle in the square.

Yongkang City Zhengding Leisure Products Factory
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