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The walking system of motorcycles


(1) Frame: It is the skeleton of the whole motorcycle, welded by steel pipe and steel plate. It connects the engine, gearbox, front fork and rear suspension to each other and has higher strength and stiffness. The small motorcycle uses the steel plate stamping, the tailor-welded and the spine type frame. The general motorcycle uses the steel tube welding frame, the cradle type frame or the steel plate, the steel pipe combination frame. Some high-power engine motorcycles use steel pipe welded double bracket cradle type frame.

(2) Front fork: The front fork is the motorcycle's guiding mechanism, the frame and the front wheel organically connected together, the front fork by the front shock absorber, the upper and lower board, the direction column and so on composition. The direction column is welded together with the lower plate, and the direction column is set in the front casing of the frame, in order to make the direction column vehicle flexible, the axial thrust ball bearing is arranged in the upper and lower axle neck position, and the top and bottom joint plate is connected into the front fork by the top and right two

(3) before and after shock absorber: The front shock absorber is used to attenuate the vibration caused by the front wheel impact load, keep the motorcycle running smoothly.

After the shock absorber and the rear rocker arm of the frame constitute the rear suspension device of the motorcycle. The rear suspension device is a flexible connecting device between the frame and the rear wheel, bearing the load of the motorcycle, reducing the impact and vibration caused by the uneven road.

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