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The body of a motorcycle


The fuselage is composed of cylinder cap, cylinder body and crankcase, and the cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy, and the new four-stroke motorcycle engine adopts top-mounted valve, chain drive and overhead camshaft structure. Cylinder body material to double metal (wear-resistant cast iron cylinder liner Casting Aluminum radiator) is more, in order to get better heat dissipation effect. Some motorcycles use wear-resistant cast iron cylinder, such as the Yangtze River type 750, Jialing JH70 type, in some small mopeds, such as the Jade River brand yh50q Small displacement (50 cubic centimeters) of the engine using aluminum alloy cylinder body wall plating 0.15 mm hard chromium layer structure. The crankcase is made of aluminum alloy die-casting by the left and right two boxes. Some motorcycles have buffer blocks between the heat sinks to suppress the noise emitted by the fins.

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