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Start of motorcycle


The starting of the motorcycle is mainly the starting mode of the pedal. Starting mechanism has a fan-shaped gear starting mechanism which is represented by Happy XF250 motorcycle. The pedal starting variable lever drives The fan gear, the starting Ratchet, the clutch assembly sprocket, the front chain, the crankshaft sprocket drive the crankshaft to rotate, the starting engine. When the engine start, the starting mechanism is restored to its original position by the unidirectional action of the starting ratchet and the effect of the spring. This starting mechanism, starting with the starting shift lever to the neutral position, step pedal can start.

The other is a starting pedal-type starting mechanism used for some imported models. Unlike the former, starting when the first to pinch the clutch hand, so that the clutch separation, variable lever can be placed in any grade position, do not have to put in the empty file, starting after the release of the clutch, increase throttle can start. When the starting pedal is stepped, the pawl in the starting pedal shaft is meshed with the inner ratchet of the starting pedal drive gear, so that the transmission gear rotates, and the crankshaft rotates the engine by the idling gear, the driven gear, the clutch gear and the starting pinion. After starting, the foot leaves the starting pedal, the reset spring causes the pedal to reverse rotate, the pawl is detached from the inner ratchet tooth, and restores the original position.

In the larger displacement motorcycle such as the Yangtze River brand 750D motorcycle, Shanye (YAMAHA) Two-cylinder motorcycle, Suzuki (SUZUKI) GT750 three-cylinder motorcycle, Honda (HON-DA) CL1000 four-cylinder motorcycle, etc. are used starting motor starting.

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