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Precautions for motorcycles


1, the need not to wash the car shop or let others help wash cars, car wash shop seems to complete the operation of the tool, but its pursuit of inefficient effect of the problem is also existing, can not get the cremation plug and a variety of lines out of trouble.

2, must the hot car cold down and then wash. Suddenly with cold water to flush the engine, exhaust pipes and other components, the principle of expansion of the expansion of everyone is clear, will destroy all parts of the oil seals, resulting in engine oil leakage, a lot of motorcycle oil is a slight leakage of the engine is this reason. will also cause the exhaust pipe and the engine junction plating chromium layer off oxidation rust.

3, headlamps, left and right armrest, switch, exhaust pipe vent (preferably with things blocked), horn, cremation plug, air filter, storage batteries and other parts of the best do not use water directly flush, these parts have a circuit, after the wet will lead to short-circuit or leakage, the lamp is not bright, horn does not sound, not fire, driving weakness, and so the best use dishcloth scrub.

4, wash the car must be the engine lower part and heat sink clean, recommended to use a toothbrush dip washing detergent, such benefits are both beautiful, but also easy to find engine seepage oil and so on.

5, Car wash after the whole car to wipe dry cloth, especially the switch, instrumentation, armrest, cremation plug, fuel tank cover and other parts, special attention to the cremation cap to get rid of a few, the above casing of the water thrown out, otherwise it will affect the ignition.

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