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Lubrication System for motorcycles


The four-stroke engine uses the Lubricating method which combines the splash lubrication with the pressure lubrication. Two-stroke engines are generally used in gasoline mixed with a certain proportion of the QB-grade gasoline engine lubricating oil mixing method. However, this lubricating method of mixed oil regardless of engine operating conditions, according to the proportion of the supply Sirun, increased the consumption of lubricants, combustion is not complete, more carbon, there is exhaust gas pollution. The new generation of two-stroke engines are separated and lubricating, and a separate Sirun box and oil pump are installed. Oil pump is generally used reciprocating plunger type variable supply oil pump, by the crankshaft gear through the worm, worm drive. Fuel supply through the throttle hand, the operation of the cable and carburetor joint valve linkage, so that the engine oil supply with the change in the speed of engines, high speed oil supply, low speed oil supply, reasonable, and mixed lubrication method can save more oil. The oil is blown into tiny oil mist by the high speed mixture, which supplies the lubricating parts, reduces the engine oil entering the combustion chamber, and the mixed gas burns completely, reducing the carbon deposition and the exhaust gas pollution.

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