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Influencing factors of motorcycles


The arrangement of the engine has a great influence on the motor performance of the motorcycle.For example, the advantages of multiple cylinders, although many, but the disadvantage of the size is not compact, heavy weight. The length of the engine is too large, especially bad, it will greatly affect the direction of the motorcycle handle sense. When adopting single cylinder engine and transverse V2 engine, it can reduce engine weight greatly, reduce its length size and reduce steering force of motorcycle direction. This can not only improve the speed of the motorcycle, but also to make the motorcycle to light, thus improving the motorcycle's driving comfort, adding the amusement of the motorcycle. In short, any motorcycle with sports performance is a super sports motorcycle, regardless of whether it is installed with multiple cylinders, or a single cylinder machine, and whether the body is a whole-type fairing or part of the fairing.

Yongkang City Zhengding Leisure Products Factory
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