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Clutch for motorcycles


(1) Wet multi-piece friction clutch clutch assembly immersed in oil work, divided into three parts, active, driven and separated. The power of the engine is driven by the sprocket gear drive hood, the perimeter of the hood is grooved, and the friction piece (active piece) with rubber cork friction material is embedded, and the convex block of the outer edge is placed in the groove of the active hood and rotates with the active part of the clutch. The four-piece steel-driven sheet is formed from the moving part by connecting the inner teeth with the movable plate fixed basin. The main, from the moving piece staggered installment, the fixed basin uses the internal spline and the gearbox main shaft to connect, the four clutch springs on the gland, presses the friction piece and the moving piece, the power passes the transmission. The clutch is a constant joint type, when the clutch hand is pressed through the cable to rotate the screw sleeve in the left cover, the screw sleeve adjusts the screw to the right, pushes the separating rod and the gland, the spring pressure disappears, the friction sign and the moving piece are separated.

(2) automatic centrifugal clutch This structure is used in Yamaha CY80, Suzuki FR50 and other mopeds, according to the engine speed of the high and low to automatically control the clutch separation and bonding. The clutch consists of an active, moving and separating joint mechanism. The active part is composed of clutch housing, thrust plate, clutch piece and so on. The moving part consists of a friction plate, a center sleeve, etc. When the engine is running, with the increase of rotational speed, the centrifugal force produced by the steel ball increases with the increase of its axial force to overcome the tension of the separating spring along the groove in the clutch housing, pressing the clutch piece and friction sign to make the clutch in the bonding state and the power output. When the engine speed is reduced to idle or flameout, the steel ball centrifugal force decreases or does not, the tension of separating spring overcomes the steel ball centrifugal force, the steel ball returns in situ along the groove, the clutch separates.

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