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Carburetor for motorcycles


Carburetor carburetor is an important part of motorcycle fuel supply system, which is located between air filter and engine inlet. General motorcycle engines are used in the direction of air flow into the flat suction type, the valve is plunger type, float chamber type carburetor. The carburetor structure is mainly composed of two parts, the float chamber and the mixing chamber. Float room is located at the bottom of the carburetor, there is a tubing through the throttle switch through the tank, through the float on the needle valve, to maintain the float indoor oil level of a certain height, so that oil pressure stability. The function of the mixing chamber is to mix the gasoline evaporation atomization with the air, so that the engine can get the required mixture under various load and speed. It consists of joint art valve, fuel injection needle, fuel injection pipe and oil channel.

Through the rotation of the throttle handle of the motorcycle to drive the throttle wire rope control valve and the upper and lower movement of the injection needle, change the inlet pipe section and the fuel supply to meet the different rotational speed, load the need for mixed gas. On one side of the carburetor, a idling adjusting screw is used to adjust the idling speed. The idle stop screw is used to prevent the valve from turning and adjusting the minimum opening of the joint valves. A spring is located above the valve, and the air valve is closed when the throttle hand is not turned.

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