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Braking system of Motorcycle


Braking: The general front wheel brake is controlled by the hand pinch brake, the rear wheel brake is completed by the foot pedal. The brake device of motorcycle has two kinds of mechanical drum brake and hydraulic disc type brake. Drum brakes are similar in structure to automobiles and tractors, and the brake shoe blocks are molded by aluminum alloy, with friction brake pads on them, and the braking cam is turned on by the brake arm, and the brake shoe block is pushed open to brake.

The brake consists of a fuel tank, a plunger valve pump (both on the handlebar), a hydraulic tubing, a brake clamp, and a brake disc. The braking stagger is fixed with the front fork, and is the fixed part of the braking device. The brake disc is fixed with the wheel and rotates with the wheel. When braking, squeeze the brake, plunger valve movement, push the hydraulic oil along the hydraulic tubing into the brake clamp two oil cylinders. Under the action of pressure oil, the oil cylinder pushes the friction plate from both sides to clamp the brake disc, resulting in a great friction resistance, forcing the wheels to stop turning. When the brake is loosened, the pressure in the hydraulic circuit is quickly returned, and the oil cylinder drives the friction piece back in place and relieves the brake.

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